CIOs should prepare for the battle between old BI and new BI

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CIOs should prepare for the battle between old BI and new BI

A war is brewing in the business intelligence and analytics market. “We’re about to see rapid adoption of BI and analytics in 2014 and going forward,” said Gartner analyst Dan Sommer during his session at the Gartner BI and Analytics Summit. That’s after years of slowed-down — and even flat — market share growth.

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5 Data Discovery Pitfalls – Enterprise Apps Today

I find this information from the article to be an especially important piece of the puzzle

Data visualization tools are only as good as the information that is inputted. If organizations lack an enterprise-wide data governance policy, they could be relying on inaccurate or incomplete information to create their charts and dashboards. Having an enterprise-wide data governance policy will help mitigate the risk of a data breach.


5 Data Discovery Pitfalls – Enterprise Apps Today.

Managing unstructured data in the organization

Provides great information as to what unstructrued data is, how it differs from structrued data, and what types of unstructred data you may see in your organization.


Managing unstructured data in the organization.

Decision time: Automated data integration tools versus manual coding

Like how the interview addresses the fact that you can, and probably should, have both ETL/Warehousing and other Data Integration tools.  Use the solution that is best suited for the specific data and the business need.



Decision time: Automated data integration tools versus manual coding.

Oh My Data!

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Very interesting!

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I just got geekily excited by a new website and I had to share! It’s called Information is Beautiful , and it’s not actually new, just new to me.

The premise of the website is this: present data in an aesthetically pleasing way. Of course, there are those that get excited by parabolas and bar graphs, but trust me, these are way better. When you visit the site, you’ll just see a bunch of random designs, not very impressive. But it’s when you click on them that your mind will be blown. Each set of data is represented visually. This is getting into the realm of difficult to explain, so I strongly encourage you to visit the site; it’s a blissful rabbit hole that will have you skipping your dinner and contemplating how to save the world (or conquer it, if that’s more your style).

What’s extra great about this site is…

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